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Latest Files

Animations » Sphere with sprites and javascript 7328 Downloads

SphereSpritesJava Pretty unimpressive test with iterators, javascript and sprites.

Date: 24/12/2011 Filesize: 8KB View Full Info

Other » Advents Calendar 2179 Downloads

AdventsCalendar Interactive Advents Calendar

Date: 31/10/2011 Filesize: 9400KB View Full Info

Macros » 3D Replicas 2592 Downloads

noimage Replicates a sprite to give the impression that it is 3D

Date: 06/05/2011 Filesize: 37KB View Full Info

Macros » Move 1279 Downloads

noimage Moves the Object by applying a given speed to the X & Y of the object. (Customizable Keys)

Date: 10/02/2011 Filesize: 12KB View Full Info

Screensavers » Lots a Water 8083 Downloads

LotsOfWater Moving Water

Date: 10/02/2011 Filesize: 332KB View Full Info

Screensavers » Fun with Snowmen 2053 Downloads

FunWithSnowmen Holiday screensaver composition that includes animated gif's.

Date: 31/12/2010 Filesize: 2662KB View Full Info

Screensavers » Tip Toeing Santa 1228 Downloads

TipToeingSanta A Holiday quartz screensaver utilizing gif's.

Date: 31/12/2010 Filesize: 971KB View Full Info

Screensavers » Christmas Cottage 1226 Downloads

ChristmasCottage A quartz holiday screensaver utilizing gif's.

Date: 31/12/2010 Filesize: 1216KB View Full Info

Screensavers » Rudolph on Run 947 Downloads

RudolphOnRun A Christmas theme screensaver utilizing gif's.

Date: 31/12/2010 Filesize: 1403KB View Full Info

Animations » Move 3D Object 5074 Downloads

Move3Dcard This is a simple QC that moves, rotates, and zooms an object in 3d space.

Date: 30/08/2010 Filesize: 0KB View Full Info