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Other » Apple Script: Install Screen Saver 678 Downloads

noimage A droplet that takes whatever you drop on it and puts it in your HD/Users/username/Library/Screen Savers directory. (c) - Peter Sobot

Date: 26/09/2005 Filesize: 24KB View Full Info

Other » Rolling Credits 1178 Downloads

RollingCredits Provides credits that scroll down the screen, and provides many options.

Date: 15/06/2010 Filesize: 12KB View Full Info

Other » Hidden Patches 1285 Downloads

QCHidden Hidden Patch enabler. By Eskatonia

Date: 13/04/2006 Filesize: 83KB View Full Info

Other » Expose 1743 Downloads

Expose A camera exposure simulation.

Date: 28/08/2006 Filesize: 4KB View Full Info

Other » cub_mousex_rss 1885 Downloads

cubmousex Experiment with rss technology, data image, mouse control, mix.

Date: 25/10/2007 Filesize: 584KB View Full Info

Other » Paint 2084 Downloads

Paint A particle based paint program.

Date: 14/10/2006 Filesize: 8KB View Full Info

Other » Advents Calendar 2140 Downloads

AdventsCalendar Interactive Advents Calendar

Date: 31/10/2011 Filesize: 9400KB View Full Info

Other » 8808 / 1988 part 1 2296 Downloads

8808 1st part of the demoscene production 8808, with music. Leopard only.

Date: 14/06/2008 Filesize: 5000KB View Full Info

Other » Virtual Life 2299 Downloads

GameOfLife John Conway's Game Of Life on a VT-100.

Date: 04/08/2005 Filesize: 120KB View Full Info

Other » Eve's Eyes 2579 Downloads

EvesEyes EVE's eyes from the movie Wall E (audio interaction).

Date: 19/10/2009 Filesize: 127KB View Full Info


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