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Animations » LaughingManField 2857 Downloads

LaughingManField Remix of the Kero field and Laughing Man Quartz files. Sorry it's cheesy and rip-offy, but it felt like the GitS netscape to me and I wanted to share.

Date: 12/07/2006 Filesize: 164KB View Full Info

Animations » FireWork 2876 Downloads

FireWork Why does mankind throw fireball in the sky? By: Zuga

Date: 04/08/2006 Filesize: 0KB View Full Info

Animations » 3dText 3011 Downloads

3dText Very cool 3dText example. By Crane

Date: 18/07/2005 Filesize: 8KB View Full Info

Animations » iPod Mini Pink 3025 Downloads

iPodMiniPink iPod Moving.

Date: 26/04/2007 Filesize: 296KB View Full Info

Animations » MonaLisa 3096 Downloads

MonaLisa Whom are you smiling to? By: Zuga

Date: 26/07/2006 Filesize: 123KB View Full Info

Animations » qOnFire 3248 Downloads

qOnFire You're on fire, baby. no one can stop you. By: Qarl

Date: 23/01/2006 Filesize: 128KB View Full Info

Animations » Node Tree 3458 Downloads

NodeTree a stylized, volumetric (apple) tree

Date: 16/06/2005 Filesize: 56KB View Full Info

Animations » PowersOfA 3617 Downloads

PowersOfA Text flying in 3d Space

Date: 07/06/2005 Filesize: 32KB View Full Info

Animations » Earth 3709 Downloads

Earth Earth spinning at night.

Date: 14/06/2005 Filesize: 196KB View Full Info

Animations » 3DTextV2 3777 Downloads

3DTextV2 CNow fully parameterized!

Date: 14/10/2006 Filesize: 8KB View Full Info


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